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JUNE 2018 – The formaldehyde value chain alliance support CDM3 review

In the wake of the third amendment of the carcinogens and mutagens directive (CMD3), Formacare initiated a follow-up of the discussions we first had with the social partners in 2016. As a result, ECEG, Industriall and ETUC aligned with Formacare: the Commission proposal was found agreeable to all. As a result, “the formaldehyde value chain” signed a letter to emphasize strong support in favour of the Commission proposal.

The aforementioned proposal follows recommendations from the Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits (SCOEL). Formacare agrees that harmonised and binding OELs across member states would be the most efficient choice.

NOVEMBER 2017 – News from the policy front

I am delighted to inform you about the latest developments on the policy front. A lot has happened since February: ANSES published its RMOa conclusions and the European Commission has started the process of proposing a Binding Occupational Exposure Limit (BOEL) for formaldehyde. Meanwhile, industry has submitted additional information in the context of the REACH evaluation.

JUNE 2017 – Takeaways from Interzum 2017

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Interzum trade fair in Cologne where some of our downstream users presented their latest innovations to the furniture industry. The European Panel Federation (EPF) seized this opportunity to present the preliminary results of their upcoming annual report 2016/2017. Paolo Fantoni, the EPF President, also shared his vision on several important developments for the panel industry. This month, we digest the key takeaways for you.

APRIL 2017 – Formaldehyde Activities in the United States

This month I have invited Dr. Kimberly White, Senior Director, Chemical Products and Technology Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and representative of the ACC Formaldehyde Panel, to update us on recent formaldehyde activities and challenges ahead in the United States.
The ACC Formaldehyde Panel represents producers, suppliers and users of formaldehyde and formaldehyde products, as well as trade associations representing key formaldehyde applications. The primary activities of the ACC Formaldehyde Panel include scientific research, regulatory and legislative advocacy, and outreach.

Kimberly explains.

FEBRUARY 2017 – Staying ahead of the policy curve in 2017

I am delighted to reconnect with you through our newsletter. 2017 started at a fast pace and much has happen since our last General Assembly in Lisbon. In our efforts to promote an ambitious and effective occupational health and safety framework, we met with Members of the European Parliament, representatives of national governments and, most importantly, with the French authorities which are currently finalizing their recommendations on formaldehyde. Here is what we learned on the key fronts.

NOVEMBER 2016 – Four months after Brexit, an attempt to make sense of the situation

On June 24 Europe woke up in shock. A majority of British voters opened a new chapter of European history by deciding the UK would be better off outside of the European Union. Four months later, we are still seeking for more clarity on what this actually means. This November, I would like to take some time to shed some light on what has happened since the vote and look at the impact that it already has had on industry and may have in the future.

SEPTEMBER 2016 – A closer look at the Risk Management Option Analysis (RMOa)

As expected, the 2016 summer was rich in developments. Following the publication of France’s Draft Risk Management Option Analysis (RMOa) on formaldehyde in July, our industry is invited to contribute on the future regulation for workers protection. In this newsletter we break down the key elements of the RMOa, the industry response and what will follow.

JULY 2016 – What next after SCOEL?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Formacare newsletter. This month, we decided to give you an update on the SCOEL opinion, and to look at the upcoming occupational safety legislation. Much has happened since our last issue on this topic in December 2015; for the first time in 13 years, the Commission has engaged the revision of the Carcinogen and Mutagen Directive, meaning changes can be expected soon. This revision offers our industry the opportunity to actively promote the adoption of a harmonized binding occupational exposure limit in the EU for formaldehyde. In this newsletter, we bring you the latest developments and outlook.

MAY 2016 – Formacare new set up

After Phil Hope’s sudden passing in February, the Formacare family has gone through one of our most challenging times. Phil’s commitment to the formaldehyde industry was truly remarkable. He established a solid reputation for our association based on trust, expertise and leadership. Rest assured that it is the Formacare team’s ambition to build upon his legacy and continue building trust with our stakeholders and leading on the development of an ambitious and balanced policy framework for the safe use of our products. I would like to take the opportunity offered by this newsletter to explain to you the new Formacare set up and our plan for a smooth continuity.

FEBRUARY 2016 – Coming up in 2016

2016 is expected to be a decisive year for future formaldehyde regulation in Europe. While the entry into force of the re-classification is behind us, ensuring compliance will be important. Many other topics remain live issues, on which the industry’s input will be critical. We have selected three of these issues; worker protection, consumer safety and industrial emissions; and will walk you through their ongoing activities and key milestones coming up in 2016.

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