2nd International Formaldehyde Science Conference

As a proponent of evidence-based policy, formacare encourages an open scientific debate on formaldehyde between regulators, academia and stakeholders. This debate is needed now more than ever before!
On 19-20 April 2012 formacare hosted the 2nd International Formaldehyde Science Conference


Why a scientific conference on formaldehyde now?

Formaldehyde is the subject of a re-classification dossier under the European Union Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP). Whether formaldehyde could be implicated in the occurrence of human cancers is still a matter of controversial discussions within the academic community, and has been the subject of manifold research activities in recent years. The question of exposure limits at the workplace and in indoor air for the general population is also under discussion.
At a time when European regulators debate the available science on formaldehyde, an exchange with leading academics in the field is a unique opportunity. An attractive scientific programme has been developed, presented by highly recognised scientists.
In line with formacare’s commitment to an open and transparent debate, the presentations for the two sessions are now available courtesy to their authors.

Symposium: Local and Systemic Effects of Formaldehyde - Toxicity and Carcinogenicity

Workshop: Exposure Limits and Susceptible Populations